Escalating tensions.

2021.10.16 05:38 chicagoose3 Escalating tensions.

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2021.10.16 05:38 Shmeaz Should I play my PS5 on my Sony OLED A8F or on my LG 27-GN950b?

The Sony OLED doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports but I’m fine with that. Cold War at 1080p 120fps is fine with me. The LG monitor doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 either. I also have an Odyssey G9 (not the mini led one) connected to my PC but I don’t like the black bars on the side while gaming although it does reach more than 1000 bits of brightness. I just wanted to know your opinions. Thanks for the input.
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2021.10.16 05:38 theoldgreenwalrus it's my passion

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2021.10.16 05:38 FlubberGaming05 This is true guys... Fuck Nintendo and their shady business practices. Greedy scumbags!!!

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2021.10.16 05:38 Illustrious_Meat_990 FesBNB - The Safest and Fairest platform for everyone!

Stake your FesBNB and get ETH, ADA, XRP, CAKE, and DOT in single pool, or just simply holding FesBNB you'll get rewarded 5% in BNB every transaction!
FesBNB officially partnered with BurningMoon involved NFT Things, and that would help him easily pumping at launch with this Partnership and Revolutionary Staking Platform.
Develop by Sir Tris, Fully-Audited by Trynos, and partnered with Rainhard
Website :
Whitepaper :
3 SAFUEST DEV contribute in this project.
20% Tax on every transactions.

They have whitelist competition running. Also, Private Saler and Whitelist Saler will receive their tokens an hour before launch, to give them opportunity to stake their tokens.
💳 How To Buy? 💳
💳 Website :
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x87e4da0d8736ce3e10c891dec56af77c6f1d936d
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR
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2021.10.16 05:38 Dannig178 Kristal Silva

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2021.10.16 05:38 SATSyed12 Congratulations SRH for the win

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2021.10.16 05:38 abongu just finished studding!

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2021.10.16 05:38 sylveoncs Is it normal to pay $200 to be a guest at a bachelorette party?

An acquaintance is getting married and I was invited. My boyfriend’s old roommate is getting married. Recently a Facebook message went out about the bachelorette party and I was included. The message says “it should only be about $200 a person.” $200 is a significant portion of my paycheck and while I hate to decline an invite, I can’t afford this. Is it normal to pay this much to be a guest at a bachelorette party? There were 11 people in the group message.
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2021.10.16 05:38 LavishnessPlane4512 Just buy it.

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2021.10.16 05:38 Fernacholibre PetKingdom Games how to get it to work

Hi Evergrowarmy.
I tried opening on the browser and connected to both metamask and coinbase extensions but it isn't working. Am I doing something wrong? I know Evergrowcoin is now on their platform and wanted to check it out. Thanks!
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2021.10.16 05:38 xxshole Dog treats left in Chewy box in trunk on a warm day (high 80s).

I bought my dog Train-Me! soft treats but left them in the trunk from morning until around 4:30 pm. My car was parked outside and the treat bag was inside a cardboard box. The treats look normal and don't smell weird. Do you think it's still safe to give them to my dog?
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2021.10.16 05:38 chiefwarlock The Hiro She Deserved. Happy Birthday, Hiro! - @suoooriki

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2021.10.16 05:38 SpaceKnightLife I want to quit, but I can’t

It happened again. Same driver, more bullshit……
It’s a horrible night, full screen with us being closed. I leave on a run, deliver, and when I get back it turns out I took the wrong order to the wrong person. They took the order, however, and didn’t say anything so I didn’t know.
Driver comes in and this is what happened. I’m still shaking, this just happened.
Me: “Oh don’t take that order it’s nothing ready yet”
Him: ignores me and looks at the manager
“What do I do, OP said we’re not delivering to this person”
I will admit I said this a bit louder than I should of
“That is not what I sad, I said…..”
he puts down his pizza back and gets 2 inches from my face, looking me dead in the eyes. I’m terrified, my PTSD is being triggered, I don’t move as he tells me with a lowered voice
“Shut the fuck up! If you say one more word I will strangle your little neck till you can’t breath anymore”
Manager: puts her hands in between us both, pushes us away from each other, then looks at me and yells at me
“OP, GO TO THE BACK OF THE STORE. I’ll deal with you in a moment”
im crying, I’m beyond stressed at the situation as this is happening again. As I’m heading out the back I yell through tears
I leave through the back door and just sit there, crying as I’m trying to calm down, but only cry more. The manager comes back to me and this is nearly word for word how this happens
Her: “I can’t believe you, get the hell off the floor. You’re not a baby, you are fine”
I get up and she continues
Now tell me exactly what happened. I want to hear it from you
Proceeds me trying to tell her, but she keeps interrupting me over and over and over again causing me to freak out even more
This is when the store manager comes out and starts yelling at me as well
SM: Oh stop these tears. Let her speak
M: Ya, I heard you say something about the order than you yelled at Tom that you didn’t
OP: im panting as I’m trying to explain this, yet they keep interrupting me despite her just telling me to tell my side. I keep trying to say what happened, yet they keep yelling at me until finally I explode
M: Fine, whatever, get your stuff we’re done here
she smirks and walks into the store as the Store manager stays outside. I sit back on the ground, holding my head as I get a headache and I’m crying harder
SM: “Get off the floor and be a Man… women, Adult!”
((I’m a trans women))
“You listen to me you little shit. I won’t put up with this. This happened at the other store”
((I made a post about that in my page))
“And it’s the second time this has happened here. He is the senior driver. I don’t care if he did say he’d strangle you to death, he’s a senior driver and more important to me than you. You keep saying it’s your Autism (I have Asperger’s), it’s your PTSD, it’s your Bipolar crap. Well look at this, I’m yelling at you now and you’re calming down you little faker. Keep blaming others
Me: “I wasn….”
Me: “I was not bl……”
Her: SHUT UP AND LISTEN YOU BABY. ACT LIKE AN ADULT!!! It doesn’t matter anyway, ya quit
Me: Can I take that back?
((I’m a college student…… I need the money badly for things coming up))
Her: Then act like an adult and not a little baby. Come on, I’m sending you home
Me: What about the other driver
Her: Oh he’s staying, he’s my senior driver
Me: But he threatened me with murder
Her: What did I just say, be an adult and move on!
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2021.10.16 05:38 JaydenDragon22 badussy

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2021.10.16 05:38 BigOlDiggums Random question from a straight does it work for gay men on bumble? Can either guy message first or are they perpetually locked in a state of no first messages because neither are female?

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2021.10.16 05:38 darktalos25 I remember a time when Microsoft had to compete to sell software 1993

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2021.10.16 05:38 MaxSiberia Autumn Walk to a Small Waterfall

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2021.10.16 05:38 Jlat5 What is everyone's experiences putting subs in the Q50 been like?

Mainly concerned about the warranty aspect. Talked to the service manager the day I got it and he told me as long as no wires are snipped, I'm fine. Also mentioned the alternator won't be covered. With all the electrical components in this car, I won't be putting a big system in. Probably at most a 10" JL with around 300 watts. I know what I'm doing so I'm not concerned on that part. I'm in Canada so everything I've been able to look up is mostly USA based. I'm just a worrier so just want others opinions, cause I'm also a bass head. Had 2 12s on a 1000 watt amp in my old car so I'm missing that low end even with this factory bose.
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2021.10.16 05:38 Upper_Judge_3171 join the discord for all of her content

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2021.10.16 05:38 JamesOrJay How I felt while I thought I was dying.

Hello. At the time of writing this I have just recently felt like I was dying.
I had just recently smoked a substance and immediately felt weird. I believed I was having a heart attack or something similar.
(Some context: I have been battling depression for a while for many reasons. Having thoughts of death a lot and mortality and a fair bit of time I wonder if I’d be better dead.)
However while I was pacing in my room, scared, I found myself asking a question. “Why do I want to live?” In a true moment of possible life and death where I had long accepted I deserved; I found myself grasping to life. Wanting to keep living and not knowing why. Life has been felling terrible for years and all I wanted was to be able to make it to tomorrow.
Now hours later after going to the hospital and being released. Them saying I’m fine. All I’m thinking about is why. Why did I want to live. I hardly feel like I have anything to live for in the first place
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2021.10.16 05:38 lonely_house_hippo Aekae producing ~wave~ live on Twitch

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2021.10.16 05:38 Geckobird Best way to manifest cuddles?

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2021.10.16 05:38 __nudist__ I am a nudist. AMA!

I’m a member of AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation), I’ve been to 5 clubs, and 1 nude beach. AMA about our lifestyle!
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2021.10.16 05:38 blakeknight01 My high

Today I had a realization. I found someone that makes me not want to depend on a substance to be happy, she makes me want to be better just for her. She has literally become my high. She is a main topic in my mind and she won't go away, and I don't want her to. I want to spend every second of the day with her, I hate this feeling. I can't stand it. This strange addiction but I don't want it to go away. These feelings I get when she says my name, I have no words to describe. I want her to understand how I feel and I hope one day she finds out. I am unable to see myself without her and I will not. She is my high and always will be.
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