Those who are at HHN tonight, is this true? Haha

2021.10.16 04:45 popmusiccritic Those who are at HHN tonight, is this true? Haha

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2021.10.16 04:45 Massive_Dinner 👥 Mini Cardano Token | Don't miss it | Website live! | 🚨 Stealth Launch 10 Minutes | Join Us !! | 💳 BSC Token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

👥 Mini Cardano Token | Don't miss it | Website live! | 🚨 Stealth Launch 10 Minutes | Join Us !! | 💳 BSC Token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

💎 MiniADA - Cryptocurrency token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS!




💎Buy :

💎Contract : 0xdf506be09f3bc532cefaf9d6af9d3ae18f2d1d19

For the first time on DeFi, you can choose to take your Cardano reflections (from holding MiniADA) and anonymously spend them in the real world using any currency. No cross-chain conversions. No registration. No personal details. Soon, you can sit back, relax and watch as the MiniADA token contract automatically determines when it’s time to issue your card.

Dinners, movies, vacations – it’s on us.

Love the proof-of-stake of the famous Cardano crypto? Well this one is for you then!

These guys have created a Binance Smart Chain version of Cardano, with Autostaking and damn it looks promising!

Here are some specs:

✅ Verified Contract

✅ Locked liquidity - Liquidity is locked on DeepLock


💧 2% To liquidity

👤 2% To Development / Marketing wallet


100% of the MiniADA supply was seeded as liquidity. That means no presale and no allocation to team members.


2% of all transactions are distributed to holders in Cardano BEP20. No need to claim, all distributions happen automatically every hour.

✅ Initial investment in locked liquidity

Here's our roadmap:

🌟Phase 1:

Token idea

Create TG group

Create social accounts

Awarness through Reddit/Influencers.

Set a countdown timer and Launch successfully.

🌟Phase 2:

Minor crypto related websites listings with paid upvotes: Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Gemfinder, Coinvote

Marketing push

Videos by TikTokers

Video by Youtuber

Instagram paid stories

Shill Bots

Pinned messages in major Telegram groups

🌟 Phase 3:

Apply for major listings such as:





When the DAPP is complete, you can automatically convert your Cardano reflections as MiniADA cards with a few clicks. No jumping chains. No registration. Just anonymous spending at your choice of 37 million retailers online and ATM usage.


Right out of the gate, MiniADA cards work online, anywhere Mastercard® and Visa® are accepted. When we roll out our physical cards and Apple Pay integration, you’ll be able to spend in person, almost anywhere.


Soon, everyone will be able to unlock the guiltless freedom of everyday spending using their cryptocurrency reflections without interference, questioning, or resistance. Life will be as it should: Financially empowered for all.


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2021.10.16 04:45 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Hunter Renfroe hits an RBI double to make it 3-1 Red Sox in the 3rd

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2021.10.16 04:45 Melodic_Pizza_922 Does anyone know what to do i just have NaN coins. and i have tried to delete all of my idle slayer files

Does anyone know what to do i just have NaN coins. and i have tried to delete all of my idle slayer files
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2021.10.16 04:45 serhaza Regill "Cosmic Forces'' quote - anymore interactions?

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2021.10.16 04:45 challobhaichallo My first Ultimate Driving Machine

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2021.10.16 04:45 Patito-Elegante1 Obvio 😹

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2021.10.16 04:45 foxymaruskawastaken Título

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2021.10.16 04:45 TheOneUpTV Sent Safemoon to myself… is it gone?

I’m really dumb, so if I’m being completely honest I didn’t fully realize that after importing my recovery phrases from trust wallet, into the safemoon wallet, that I transferred all my safemoon, so I did a test transfer (unknowingly) to myself of 15 mil safemoon, and now it’s not showing up in trust wallet or safemoon wallet. Did I just stupidly lose 15 mil? And yes I’m aware I paid 10% D: you’re welcome;)
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2021.10.16 04:45 Dumpling-Darling Walleye Fisherman try Bass for the Day (Pueblo, CO)

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2021.10.16 04:45 tangarine-sunrise [F4Futa] / [Futa4F] / [F4F] The Wonderful Simplicity of Good Catgirl Prompts!

As long as this post is up, the prompt is open! I'll respond as long as I'm around, and I'm always around eventually!
Hey there~! Catgirls! What's not to love? There's so much kinky potential with that single concept, it's a true shame anyone would consider them overdone! So, hopefully, you'll find a prompt in this post that catches your eye, and enjoy the glory of catgirls with me~!
Which one of us plays a catgirl (maybe both?) is entirely up to you! I'd love to hear your own thoughts or ideas for this, the scenarios I've written out or just starting points~! I really do want to hear your ideas too! And I'm happy to change things around in all sorts of fun ways to craft the perfect RP for us both!
Dealing with Heat All catgirls go through heat once a year, but it's really not the pornographic ideal people like to hype it up to be. Being constantly, intensely horny for up to a week only means having to find some way to keep yourself from truly losing it. So, you can't really blame catgirls for doing just that - finding some way to endure the heat.
Sudden Changes Cat ears, a long tail, fangs, and slightly altered proportions - those were the main physical differences in catgirl biology. The barely noticeable change in bust or ass size was easy enough to overlook, the fangs might even have been missed, but at a certain point it becomes impossible to deny it. Still though, suddenly transforming into a catgirl is unheard of! And the physical changes are only the start of the problems.
Invited Herself in The image of a lazy, always carelessly lounging cat translates pretty well to the reality of catgirls. Going wherever they please with no real regard for others, a constant playful, laid-back smirk on their faces as they waltz into strangers homes through the backyard to sleep on their bed - it's all surprisingly common. Sure, some of them have manners and decency, but plenty of them also just forgo clothes and sleep in stranger's beds if the sun hits it the right way. All the stories about what happens when those strangers come home are really no surprise.
A Wonderful Pet In the world we're living in, there exists no better pet than a catgirl! Of all the words used to describe them, perhaps the most accurate is versatile! There's as many different sorts of catgirls out there as there are reasons to take care of them! So, regardless of what you're looking for in a pet or partner, there's always a catgirl to satisfy!
Chosen Mate Catgirls have a unique system for finding mates. While humans are used to forming crushes, having their hearts broken, and moving on, catgirls really just don't operate like that. Nope, because once they see that perfect mate - the new center of all their affections - their love can just never waver. How they then deal with what's essentially the most intense and unbreakable crush ever really depends on the catgirl.
Freeuse Fucktoys The world struggled a bit to adapt the new and sudden reality of catgirls. Their place in society was a topic of much contention, but eventually, a solution sort of worked itself out. Needs and desires were filled on both sides, and that core drive inherent to living creatures won out in us all. Catgirls are totally freeuse to anybody! It's no oddity to see someone railing a catgirl over a cafe table, or pinning one against the side of a subway, or even just going at it in the park. The sight of freeuse catgirl fucking is everywhere, and the possibilities are limitless!
The Catgirl Lust Bug Something weird has been going on. You could call it an epidemic, but the majority of people don't need to worry about catching anything. You see, this strange virus only affects catgirls, though those effects are pretty intense. Any catgirl who catches the lust bug can expect the following symptoms to manifest: feeling too hot, feeling horny, increased libido, trouble thinking of things other than sex, seeing everyone has potential mates, aching feeling when not receiving pleasure, and more! So, if you're a catgirl, make sure you wash your hands!
Taking in the Stray A stray catgirl is always a sad sight. They all share that sad, dejected glint in their eyes. Of course, who wouldn't want to try and care for one abandoned like that? The only issue is taking in a stray is no easy task; distrusting, overly cautious, with no concept of how to behave in a house or interact with others - it's a lot of work. Still, some are certainly up for the challenge!
Hunting Her Prey It wasn't unusual for all sorts of adventurers to wonder into the wrong forest, no doubt in the middle of some grand quest. In a world full of lustful monster girls, you think they'd be more careful. And of course, of all the forests to end up in, only the most unlucky, novice adventures wind up in the hunting grounds of a catgirl. Once one catches you, the only break you can look forward to is the one that comes once you've been wrung dry.
Like Royalty Surrounded by servants, usually seen lounging on a royal bed, being fanned from all sides, catgirls aren't just treated like royalty, in this society, they are royalty. They're also usually absurdly spoiled, and always get exactly what they want, regardless of what, or who, it is.
Catnip To any catgirl, catnip is simply irresistible. The smell is beyond alluring, truly intoxicatingly enticing. They can't help but be drawn to it. Though, that attracting quality isn't the real magic of the substance. Enough catnip leaves any catgirl in a trance-like state, head too hazy to really form its own thoughts, whole being open to any suggestion or command. Ah, the wonders of catnip.
Realistic Halloween Costume Catgirl society is secretive, carefully blending itself into humanity without being noticed. Though, all that hiding would make anyone just itch for an ounce of true freedom. And, of course, that freedom comes on what magical night - Halloween! The holiday that lets catgirls walk around freely, not having to hide anything. It's just a realistic, complex costume, after all! Though, sometimes, the festivities get to them, and they end up having a bit too much fun, forgetting that at a certain point, the excuses Halloween offers run out.
Playful Tricksters Catgirls are mysterious beings indeed. Elusive, incessantly playful, and with all sorts of unexplainable, magical abilities. Some even write them off as urban legends. The one thing that's certain is, if they do exist, they love to have fun with humans.
Neko Pornstar It's no surprise Catgirls are the center of all sorts of absurd fetishes and kinks, but where there's sexual fantasy, there's jobs to be had in the porn industry. As long as a catgirl and fill her moans with "Nya"s, pretend to be in heat, and act the part, she can definitely make a fortune in the world!
Personal Catgirl Service A revolutionary new app is gaining tons of popularity. Of course, why wouldn't it? An easy-to-use interface letting you order a catgirl right to your house, willing to do anything you request - no wonder everyone is all over it. In the form you fill out, you can specify everything from the kind of catgirl you want, to how you want her to behave, to what you want her to do, and truly everything else! You couldn't possibly have more options.
Feral Frenzy Plenty of catgirls are well mannered, refined, easily fitting into society as well as any human. But, there are some that aren't like that at all. These feral catgirls tend to stay away from humans, but sometimes, they come looking for someone - anyone - to satisfy their lust.
Easily Hypnotized There's a certain rumor about catgirls. Though it may seem like the only difference between them and humans are the tails and ears, the truth is there's something else as well. Whether with a spiral or a swinging pendulum, catgirls are easily hypnotized. All it takes is a glimpse of something shiny and mesmerizing, and they're already slipping into a trance.
Different Family Dynamics Catgirls just don't see family the same way humans do. That isn't to say they don't love them - no, they definitely do! In fact, they love them so much, they're happy to show it through all sorts of "taboo" behavior. Plenty of catgirl families are like that, and anyone with a catgirl step-sister or step-mother has probably gotten a taste of it as well.
Trying to be Taken Seriously Having cat ears, and long slender tails, meant a lot of people writing you off as cute, and that was it. So, as a catgirl trying to make her way in the world, it's essential to always carry oneself with a sense of poise - just in order to be taken seriously. All that constant pressure is bound to take a toll on someone, especially someone trying to repress still present catgirl instincts. So, all it takes is a little push, before that elegant mask of refined poise comes crumbling down.
Hopefully, somewhere in there was an idea - or ideas - that caught your eye! Where would you like to go with it? Do you want to combine some? Do you have a different direction you'd like to go in? Who should be the catgirl? What should our relationship be? The questions go on and on! I left it all as open-ended as I could, so we could find the perfect RP for us through talking it out!
I list my kinks, limits, and everything else in the stickied post on my profile, so please check that out!
So, drop a pm, and we can get started! Tell me what you have in mind, what caught your eye, and of course what your kinks and limits are! I'm really hoping to find someone creative and literate, who's willing to put in the effort to make this RP has good as it can be! There's no need to rush to get a message to me, take your time and put in the effort! The effort is what I'll respond to after all, haha!
I hope to hear from you soon~!
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2021.10.16 04:45 Particular-Money-281 Summer courses

So i’m thinking about taking pathophysiology (PHS4300) during the spring/summer term. I believe that it would help me because I feel that if I could just focus on that class for the summer it would help me. If anyone has took this class in the summer please let me know how it was! I know it won’t be easy but I would love some feedback or some advice!
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2021.10.16 04:45 Crazy-Papaya-8730 What is the right sized pup?

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2021.10.16 04:45 chadthundercock10 17m from Ohio looking to make new friends

A little about me- I work at smallish retail chain im a cart pusher and cashier Im a big fan of video games some games i like are the mafia series, red dead series, cod, minecraft. Some tv shows i like are scrubs the office, how i met your mother, community and a million others i watch too much tv. I love music im a big rap fan especially older rap like nwa and biggie. I also love audio books and i listen to them at work a lot Feel free to message me.
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2021.10.16 04:45 whatisdata DATEDIFF between StartDateTime & EndDateTime - How to how hours per day?

Hi all -
I have a dataset with event data that has start date time and end date time. I’ve created a datediff calculated column that returns hours processed.
I want to show per day, how many hours have been processed. The issue is, there’s transactions that have started 11:59PM and ended the next day 1:00AM.
When I try to visualize this, I used the date end as the x axis, and so it counts hours per day incorrectly thinking that the whole transaction happened on that next day, which it didn’t. It processed a little bit of time the previous day.
What is the solution to accurately see totals hours processed per day? Would it be a couple of calculated columns? Or a measure? I’m stumped and would appreciate any help.
Thank you!
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2021.10.16 04:45 dsstu08 ifi zen dac v2 + senheiser hd 650 (headphones)

I am pretty new to this world. a Friend of mine told me this world. To make a long story short, I have a zen dac v2 with hd 650. I think it is a good combo. Yet, I like to ask ppl, do I need a headphone amp to listen better, if yes, what would you recommend? or I don't need at all. Please let me know.
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2021.10.16 04:45 MegaHertz604 For my Cake Day I present my lightsaber wall mounting bracket

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2021.10.16 04:45 sbpotdbot Parlays/SGPs Daily - 10/16/21 (Saturday)

| Sportsbook List | /sportsbook chat | General Discussion/Questions Biweekly | Futures Monthly | Models and Statistics Monthly | Podcasts Monthly |
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2021.10.16 04:45 nadimamirul they all look stunning

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2021.10.16 04:45 ForgotMainAccPword HGA sent my Luka with an off center label. Going to resend and do a custom label. Any cool custom label ideas?

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2021.10.16 04:45 rxfq_ I don't know if anybody did this meme yet

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2021.10.16 04:45 iamjoesredditposts B.C. drug-user advocate says bars are supervised consumption sites for alcohol

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2021.10.16 04:45 _LumpBeefbroth_ What’s your favorite personally mis-sung lyric?

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2021.10.16 04:45 zapper1234566 So I got that 50 dollar shirt in the mail today and damn it looks good.

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2021.10.16 04:45 My_Secret_Lisianthus Should I catchup with my friend again who met this Tinder guy (that I don’t quite like)?

I (27F) have this friend of mine (28F) from high school. She moved in my city early months of this year. We got to catchup and hang out a lot because its been a long time. But not anymore as of late because of the guy she’s seeing. I was content that only the two of us hung out (I’m quite an introvert) but then he met this guy from Tinder and from there onwards they used to be together all the time which I’m okay with since I support her love life. One thing I don’t like is when the guy wants to be with us too when we catchup before. Then one time, we decided to eat dinner with our other hs friends, the guy wasn’t there but when we decided to get drunk she invited him. So when we’re going home, I got so wasted that I vomited in her car. And then I found out the next morning I told everyone he has a crush on me which was sooo unlikely of me lol. I was so embarrassed that my friend had to witness my drunk self saying that, she might’ve thought I’m so full of myself so I decided to distance myself from them so they could finally get to know each other. Plus, I felt like a third wheel. Before, I could sense from my friend’s body language that she’s bored with me already and wants to hang out with him but ofc can’t say it directly to me.
Fast forward: Today, I sent my friend a birthday cake delivered to her place and I’m proud that I made her happy because its her favorite cake. And that I hope I made it up to her by causing trouble in her car. But when she thanked me thru a vidcall, I saw the guy was at her place and in my mind I disliked him being there because it felt like he’s taking away my friend from me (our catchup time). Idk, maybe I’m just being immature and selfish. Not sure if I should keep them alone or if I will invite my friend again to hang out but am afraid he’ll be there again. Any insights?
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