Thanks, I hate lost puppy

2021.11.29 10:44 BurntWithWater Thanks, I hate lost puppy

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2021.11.29 10:44 MichaelMoore64 Slowing down PAL audio to sync with Blu-ray video [the best way]

I've been trying to slow down and pitch correct 48000Hz .ac3 audio extracted from a PAL DVD so that it matches a 24 fps video stream from a Blu-ray.
PAL speed: 25 fps
BD speed: 24000/1001 ≃ 23.976024 fps
Slowdown: BD/PAL = 24000/(25*1001) = 0.959040959040959...
I know I have to use either the atempo, asetrate, aresample or rubberband filters. In any case, I have to re-encode the audio, preferably using the Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec. Since I'm trying to do a bunch of things at the same time, I'm also not sure about the order of commands.
Here's what I've come up with so far. Is there anything you would change? Would you do it differently?
`ffmpeg -i input.ac3 -filter:a "asetrate=48000*0.959040959040959,aresample=48000" -c:a libfdk_aac -b:a 384k output.aac`
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2021.11.29 10:44 jiminypritchette What’s wrong with my mycelium?

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2021.11.29 10:44 IslamicWorld123 Nabi Kareem SAW Ki Ittiba Ki Aala Misaal | نبی کریم ﷺ کی اتباع کی اعلیٰ ...

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2021.11.29 10:44 lakersbunny 211129 Key Instagram Update - “you know what it means 😉 #espoir #ad #coming soon”

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2021.11.29 10:44 paxnoob VIX up 10?!

Need an adult, I’m the dumbest of the dumb apes, but 10 seems a bit excessive and exciting. Might be a really fun week to be a hodler. I remember some one ages ago saying above 25 it gets exciting, which is where we are now. I dunno how many characters this is, and I often don’t have much to say, so 250 is hard for me. But anyway, if an adult could tell me if I should have a boner today, or potentially watch my wife’s boyfriend plow her for the last time, that would be terrific.
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2021.11.29 10:44 paidahonestidade O hipócrita e o pedófilo juntam-se para dois dedos de conversa, o Chega agradece

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2021.11.29 10:44 ChimichurriVzla After passing your test,how long did it take you to feel at ease driving?

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2021.11.29 10:44 Creepy-Classroom-301 Koakuma

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2021.11.29 10:43 CatEyes420 Reddit and Facebook content policies….

Reddit content policy:
“While not every community may be for you (and you may find some unrelatable or even offensive), no community should be used as a weapon.”
I’ve been banned from so many communities on Reddit for “expressing myself” and thus Reddit is a weapon used against me and many others who get banned.
“Rule 1 Remember the human. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.
Rule 2 Abide by community rules. Post authentic content into communities where you have a personal interest, and do not cheat or engage in content manipulation (including spamming, vote manipulation, ban evasion, or subscriber fraud) or otherwise interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities….”
The majority of my posts, regardless of which community I posted in (a lot in which I got banned in or silenced in by zeroing out my posts aka shadow bans.) Many times after posting controversial questions or opinions, I would notice an influx in bots or random account quickly posting content at the same time or right after posting, so it was pushed to the bottom of the algorithm before being zeroed out, so the fewest would see it and thus not start a discussion.
I do not feel like I belong, am accepted, and thus Reddit does not give me a sense of community. In fact, it seems to support spreading misinformation and also allows major room for opinion and discrimination Bias, due to mods. I guess I’m being discriminated against because I’m a female (mermaid terrestrial cat) 😡
Facebook/Meta content policy:
“SAFETY We’re committed to making Facebook a safe place. Content that threatens people has the potential to intimidate, exclude or silence others and isn’t allowed on Facebook.”
Everything I See on Facebook threatens me, makes me feel excluded makes me feel silenced…and yes, that includes, news, promotions, ads, and even pictures of animals and families…. So I guess Facebook and Meta need to be canceled… bc the platform itself is what’s making me feel unsafe with all its crazy content…and that isn’t allowed according to their rules…
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2021.11.29 10:43 Isimpforcactus Is Splatoon 2 online still alive?

I plan to get Splatoon 2 but I don't know if the servers for online are still alive. I never played a Splatoon game in my life and I want to know this to not make a desicion I would regret.
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2021.11.29 10:43 FNACubingYT Why are biological experiments done on animals?

We have POWs, we can just use them. They’re the enemy anyway so who cares about how they feel?
Seriously, the whole point of war laws is a joke.
(Please note these opinions are unironic)
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2021.11.29 10:43 Bitchwithhammer I know geography isn't their best skill but really...

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2021.11.29 10:43 wanderbee_wubbalubba ITAP of myself in the Balcony. [MLM]

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2021.11.29 10:43 Cheeky_buggah Anybody have an Invitation code?

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2021.11.29 10:43 NesBaka Is there any API or accessible database to retrieve the price history shown on tinychart?

I'm new to the crypto's world and I am not familiar yet with the Algorand Blockchain. Tinychart has been really useful for me and I would like to experiment some things using Python. However I am needing the price history of ASAs and I was wondering if there were any API - or accessible database - to retrieve the data (price history and LP) shown by tinychart? I found tinyman SDK but I think that it's only for real time requests and I can't access the price history.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.29 10:43 blakewalt Analog Four using Euclidean rhythms is great!

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2021.11.29 10:43 Doug_Shoe New Hampshire- Healthy Breakfast

New Hampshire- Healthy Breakfast
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2021.11.29 10:43 Art3hollywood New crypto alert, locked LP

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2021.11.29 10:43 AnneTheManX People either seem to love me or hate me, let's hear it :D (19F)

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2021.11.29 10:43 modernhousewife4 Have an amazing Monday!

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2021.11.29 10:43 ObviousGG Supreme Court to hear landmark abortion case this week

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2021.11.29 10:43 AaCubers When you get a non magnetic cube

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2021.11.29 10:43 fsr1967 Fuck you, Preston!

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2021.11.29 10:43 Addonia531 [Giveaway] Many hybrid flowers

***This thread is still open until the message is gone***
As the title states I have lots of hybrid flowers to give away. Does your island need more floral arrangements? I am happy to bring them to you! No limit, take one or take all. It will require me to make multiple trips to your island if you want more than 39.
Flowers that are marked "*reserved*" are being negotiated. I will update the list as flowers are requested. I have the following hybrids available:
Blue- 47
Pink - 15
Blue - 9
Purple- 25
Pink- 7
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