s4kak k3ssn ii7sh tksr9 az268 9kn82 tnn6n 3fdf2 tt8n9 e8k2n i398t 786i6 s5f72 zz646 tikr2 kzy2h 88887 s66id 25873 zsirh d9tsn You can see 5 shooting stars in this single shot - A7C Sony 20mm 1.8G |

You can see 5 shooting stars in this single shot - A7C Sony 20mm 1.8G

2021.11.29 12:55 wagstaffmedia You can see 5 shooting stars in this single shot - A7C Sony 20mm 1.8G

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2021.11.29 12:55 Tiero97 Noob with questions and welcoming any advice

So my brother and I are planning on getting a Mars 2 Pro to print D&D miniatures. I think I understand the printing process pretty well but have some questions about setup and DIY washing/curing stations
1: The place we plan on putting it has a small window. If I leave that open while printing will that be sufficient ventilation?
2: Do the containers I wash and soak the print in need to be disposable or can I re-use them?
3: I hear Elegoo has a water washable resin. What's your opinion on it? Would love to not have to use alcohol because that costs money and smells awful
4: Are there any good Youtube channels with tips specifically for miniature printing and DIY washing/curing stations
5: What is some advice you would have loved to have yourself when you were new to resin printing?
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2021.11.29 12:55 svanapps The Salvation Army Sounds Call To Ensure Hope Marches On for Our Neighbors in Need on Giving Tuesday

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2021.11.29 12:55 didgeriedooda Husband talking to women online

I recently found out (after suspecting something for a while) that my husband has been talking to other women online the duration of our marriage and before. We have been married for 2 years, together for 4. He says that there has never been anything physical and that he doesn’t even talk to people locally, always from other states, etc. He explained that he did this when he was married to his first wife also, so it’s not me (his words). Since this happened, he has deleted all the accounts and apps he was using and offered me full access to his phone, even plugging it in across the room at night to show he isn’t doing anything. We typically have what I thought was good communication and work through our problems. He said it’s not me because I give him plenty of attention and affection, he just has a problem. But he doesn’t actually see what he was doing as cheating. I am lost as to where to go from here.
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2021.11.29 12:55 SATC67 As We Divide - Getaway

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2021.11.29 12:55 crytoloover Hướng dẫn đăng ký Whitelist TabTrader ($TTT) trên Solanium

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2021.11.29 12:55 ArtichokeVirtual4298 How do you go on

I’ve been feeling so drained recently. I feel like I’m just stuck. I have no motivation to continue on, how do I get out of this feeling. Nothing makes me happy anymore, I feel like I’m just going through the motions right now.
I legit cry everyday wondering why I continue to still be here
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2021.11.29 12:55 66stang351 Gigastructures - just how strong are the blokkats at max difficulty?

Doing my first play through in a long time with gigastructures, with the blokkats maxed. They arrived earlier this week, and holy crap...
The galaxy is more or less half mine and half a sh** show. When the blockats invaded, the sh**show half was fully ensconced in both the war in heaven as well as a pretty well-established 25x unbidden invasion (complete with the abberant and vehement). I was hoping that some of the unbidden mini-stacks would slow them down, but nope, absolutely steamrolled them.
The blokkats came in on that same side of the galaxy (which itself is hilarious), and proceeded to very quickly gobble up about 20% of the galaxy. I did hunt down a single blokkat ship...initially i attacked it with two planetcraft, which were exactly as effective as two construction ships (both were one-shot instantly). Later, I went all in.. hitting it with 3 system craft, ~20 planet craft, a pile of attack moons, both the GDF and Federation fleets, and big piles of battleships. I beat it... though we didn't destroy it (it jumped away). Meanwhile I had 8 dead attack moons, 4 dead planet craft, many dead admirals and a whole lot of unused fleet capacity.
In perhaps some extreme luck, the blokkats turned toward my territory but have more or less stopped in one system. It seemed about the same time the Paaluusha (sp) event popped up - the primitive psychic species they're afraid of. That event spawned a psychic entity, which I could easily kill, but have not... mostly because I figure there's a chance that if I kill the entity the blokkats could start moving again.
Regardless of whether thats the case or if the blokkats (like all the other crises) just glitched and forgot what they're supposed to do, I - not one to refuse a gift when its looking me in the face - have spent about 50 years researching tech and building system craft. However, given that all the blokkats are in one system, I honestly have no idea how much fleet power this is going to take (assuming they stay put).
It may all be a moot point, as I expect that if this battle occurs all in one system, it will probably just break my computer. That notwithstanding, I guess my questions are:
1) Whats an accurate military power estimate for the blokkat terminators, harvesters, and standard ships? The standard fleets are only listed at ~841k, but I know they are much, much stronger than that (obviously fleet power being messed up in gigastructures isn't exactly rare, moons and asteroid artillery for example constantly have their fleet strength stack_overflowing to 1, or being assigned other nonsensical values)
2) Whats the best way to hit them? They're currently in a single system (Titans cradle). I could in theory use the EHOF to send everything directly to the system, or I could use jump drives to hop into one of the adjacent systems, mass at the gate (the ones the blokkats leave behind temporarily after harvesting a system), and attack normally.
3) In terms of actual fleets, I'm currently rocking:

Goal is to build enough system craft to have at least one for every blokkat big ship and fleet in the system, which would require roughly 35-40 (this also happens to be about as many as I can build while maintaining reasonably positive influence).
How close am I?
3a) As an aside, I will be able to trigger Khan's throne for a damage buff too. Not that it matters a ton, but my fleets have a mix of Titans with the full range of auras (-enemy shields, -enemy fire rate, +friendly targeting, +friendly shields, and healing).. i know they don't stack, but it should help even the overall picture.
3b) Additionally, was planning on sending roughly 1000 construction ships in with the above fleets to soak up damage. Every shot they take saves something much bigger, I figure.
4) Is there any point to getting blokkat knowledge above 100? I'm at 105, but have gone back to researching repeatables to buff my overall fleet strength. At this point that seemed more valuable.
5) Is there a connection to the Paluushan (sp) psionic entity and the blokkats stopping / if I kill that and finish the event chain will the blokkats start moving again?
6) What is their ship design (e.g. are the balanced, heavy shields vs heavy armor, do they use energy or kinetic weapons, etc)? In the first fight with the single ship, it seemed that my planetcraft and moons struggled, but battleships did okay. Granted, with tech since that fight, I've added considerably to everything's shields, armor, and so forth, but I'm currently thinking my attack force will have nothing between battleship fleets
7) If I add engimatic encoders to my planetary craft / attack moons, use trickster admirals and adjust my war doctrine to hit and run, will behemoth planetcraft / moons do a decent job of escaping? Evidence to date suggests they were just dropping like flies, to the point that they almost seem like a waste of time.... but if I can get them to escape a reasonable percentage of the time, that'd save me a *lot* of rebuilding should the battle go poorly.
Anyway, super cool crisis... hats off to the developers. Extremely unique and absolutely devastating (while they keep moving, anyway)
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2021.11.29 12:55 devl029 Put in Covid leave

How long before it shows in my schdule I’m off for the 5 days
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2021.11.29 12:55 crytoloover Solana update, 2 things to watch out...

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2021.11.29 12:55 Active-Scratch-4239 CAQ

Hello I never received my hardcopy of the CAQ so will just the printed approval letter received in the portal be fine to go through immigration ?
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2021.11.29 12:55 Mrpacco Touristic Visa for Italians (less than 10 days)

Hi all, I'm an Italian passport holder that lives/work in UAE and is planning to go to Oman this weekend.
I was wondering if anyone knows if I have to request the touristic Visa for Oman. I know there's the website to buy it online, but I also know that Italian citizens don't require the tourist Visa if they're staying for less than 10 days.
Anyone knows someone that might have been in the same situation?
Also suggestions on what to do in Oman?
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2021.11.29 12:55 crytoloover Cardano: Is It Game Over?

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2021.11.29 12:55 Kind-Establishment33 Posible portada del nuevo Bioshock Isolation (créditos a la cuenta de Twitter Oops Leaks)

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2021.11.29 12:55 Ok_Bad_1813 Naomi this episode

Naomi was so caring and supportive this episode.
Succession will really mess you up and start making you wonder what type of person YOU are as a viewer cos a couple of episodes ago I was convinced that she was a bitch.
Two or more things can be true at once and wow. I’m learning that we need to stop seeing things in absolutes and certainties. I feel like she’s a real person now
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2021.11.29 12:55 Joe_Rogan_is_a_Dwarf Artem Lobov Amateur record on Wikipedia😂

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2021.11.29 12:55 WiseChampionship5356 Advice on studying STAM!

Those who have taken exam STAM, do you have any particular advice on this exam? Best way to study/exam challenges etc?
Thank you, have a beautiful day! 😊
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2021.11.29 12:55 eritfactum Was Spain's reconquista a good thing?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 12:55 wwwavesurfer I (28y) broke up with my GF(36y) who had it all, except... It sucks!

tl;dr - broke up because superficial things, such as age gap (phase in life), looks. Feeling a bit ashamed. I don't want to drag this any further, but I hurt her so bad by my actions... She still wants clarity/figure this together #damn
I (28y) just broke up with a woman (36y) who had it all, but I am too stubborn to go for it due to superficial stuff.
She is: kind, good mannered, really creative, supportive, crazy in a fun way, gave enough space when needed and listened to your needs, caring, cooked really well, is intellectual and would be a wonderful mom. We traveled together and we had lots of fun plans which I broke off now. I feel sad, but somewhere relieved.
She is 36 and I am 28. That's a big difference. When I told my friends and family they all thought hmmm, that's a pretty big difference, and I think it is. She is in the process of freezing in her eggs, I am going to start a great new job in Jan 2022. And am in the growing phase of my life, however I crave someone who is stable and an adult to have fun with, discuss fun subjects and be there for each other when needed. She was that. However there are some things that stand in the way of me wanting to fully commit to our relation. I will state that just a little further in this story.
She is in a whole new phase and mental state then I am, she's recovering from a burn-out and since we've met she was doing better and better. She grew so much in here energy because of our connection that it looks like she can handle a lot more. Picking up more projects, getting more organized and really seeing things from the brighter side. This is because we were a good match. We've experienced so much together and she is just awesome in many ways. But for "some reason" I am going to give that up, I feel like an egoistic asshole because of it. I feel so horrible, because everything seemed to go the right way, however I was thinking about breaking up, and here is why:

  1. She is 8 years older, my parents told me when they saw her pictures: "She could be your mom, she looks way older then you". You're just building your career, focus on that. Life ain't only fun and games, enjoy your freedom, be really rational and think your decisions through.
  2. She has the craving of having kids, although she wouldn't want it right now because of stability. I don't think about it right now. I might want it in the future. She said at least for her that will be 43 years old. That's in 7 years, I would be 35 by then. Seems like a legit age. I have no idea where I will be by then. I want to start a business which will cost me a lot of attention, that's already like having a baby...
  3. Despite all her good qualities and wonderfulness... there is this thing... Although our "night-time get going boogywoogy" is amazing, I think I am not phisically attracted to her (or better phrased, that she is hot, fucking standards... Feels horrible) and I dare not to say that to her in her face after 6 months of having an amazing time. This is the second time I make this mistake and I feel like I need to learn from it. My brother once said: "Life will throw you the same problems until you learned your lesson.". I FEEL SO F*CKING ASHAMED OF THIS ONE. I try to close my eyes for it, but this is a hard fact that is there. Man. Just by writing this... I am so deeply ashamed that I dragged this relationship on for, today it is 6months already...
  4. We have some stupid discussions sometimes, although it is non-violent, we can get pretty irritated by each other sometimes. On my side it's that I want to cut to the chase or think that she is overexplaining things or taking things to seriously when something was sarcastic. I Suppose that sometimes I could explain myself more also. So then we end up arguing, however we always talk about it and try to handle it like adults and understand each other again. We are really nice and understanding to each other.
I guess point 3 is the big one here. I hurt her feelings and she just called me, I didn't know what to say. I feel stuck and horrible, I want to end it and continue life and don't want make this mistake again in life. I don't want to hurt someone so bad and mess with feelings. That is not who I am. She is gonna have a big set-back when I leave her, I don't know how to support her in this. Just feeling lost actually.
I know what I can do for myself. I have enough things (projects) to work on, friends around me, stability when my new job will come around, I am really outgoing and easy to meet "the right" new people. I think I will grow a lot for the better in the upcoming years. Life is going quiet well except for this part, just letting someone down... and I feel horrible. I think when it comes too hard subjects like these I can run like a kid.
I'm not the best at it, I just hate it to bring bad news or hurt someone. Especially in this case when I know I am an asshole for it, feeling ashamed. Since this is out. Have a good day. Hope you thrive. I surely will, but I feel horrible for being the bad guy right now. Thanks for reading, any thoughts?
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2021.11.29 12:55 fu11meta1_111 Gap between reuse

Hi all, I have a educational question. I last had mushrooms about couple of weeks back, today my friends are home and they want to do it, so will I have effects if I eat or will they go to waste. Also for effects I have been eating them directly, will have have better effects if I make tea with them? If yes whats the best way to make a tea.
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2021.11.29 12:55 Playful-Spirit2318 Testing your drug in Berlin

Hey, is there a place i can buy a kit to test my drugs in Berlin? Where do you buy yours?
Be safe :) xo
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2021.11.29 12:55 crytoloover Metahero Holders its Game Over || Metahero Price Prediction || Metahero News Today

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2021.11.29 12:55 darklyfo Living in fear everyday with a nightmare tenant

We have a tenant who lives in our basement unit and ever since we served him an eviction notice he has been very upset and doing all kinds of retaliation on us including sending us threats about how he would trash our place. He carefully crafted his words so is not very obvious like "face consequences" or "you are fxcked". Meanwhile we had called the police several times with valid proof like video and messages and yet the police said they can't do anything about it since it is civil matter and not criminal. We called RTB and they said to call the police. We are now living in fear everyday and nobody knows what to do about it. We locked our doors and install security cameras in and out of the house. We believe he will do more damages and yet there's no way for us to prepare or prevent.
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2021.11.29 12:55 FrenchieLee Picked up this beauty at lowes yesterday! Eplc. Volcano trick.

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2021.11.29 12:55 lolit98 MaiN GAIN BY BRAINS guides including SHRED

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