Happy Birthday, John Carpenter!!!

2022.01.16 15:53 Sn3akyMuffin Happy Birthday, John Carpenter!!!

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2022.01.16 15:53 arbelhod A friendly request to alliance with the drill gang.

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2022.01.16 15:53 yep569 Sinus headache for weeks

I keep getting the same sinus infection return even after antibiotics, this time around antibiotics seem to not be working as much and I have had a persistent headache and doctors won't give me a good answer on what todo. Any advice ??
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2022.01.16 15:53 ShuraiShadow Meagan Good

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2022.01.16 15:53 nikschn i did

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2022.01.16 15:53 pickles_26 Fanart for Robert idk :))

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2022.01.16 15:53 azu_rill SLAYYYY ✨💅🏳️‍🌈🌈

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2022.01.16 15:53 flyingcopcar2 Manufacturer wheels

I think it is a huge opportunity missed not to have the different manufacturer wheel added. I want to be able to choose between the different stock wheel options on the vehicles.
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2022.01.16 15:53 hallerty Watch "Alexa is Down bad for who!" on YouTube

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2022.01.16 15:53 TheAristotelian Danny Devito character creation.

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2022.01.16 15:53 No_Requirement_7003 will wer meine Freundin bewerten keine nudes

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2022.01.16 15:53 benjiftp New poster for my room!

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2022.01.16 15:53 Tdubyac Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102

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2022.01.16 15:53 themadkingnqueen frozen shaking hvac unit. it is freezing rain right now outside unit is only year old. and recently had yearly maintenance service

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2022.01.16 15:53 Mission_Life1837 DM Roll Stealth Barbarian With 4 steaclth

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2022.01.16 15:53 AJQK10minus1 I'm eating nuggets for lunch because I'll be having tendies all next week.

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2022.01.16 15:53 PixelFl0w Taking offers

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2022.01.16 15:53 rccsr Mint Condition Blue PS4 Controller

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2022.01.16 15:53 shop-today-online how to stop armpit hair growth naturally?

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2022.01.16 15:52 Black-betty-ramalam Software as Electrical Engineer

Hello Guys, i will study Electrical Engineering in Germany this year. I work as a PM in a small Company and im Planning big cableroutes for Solar and Glassfiber.
My Boss wants to use my new Skills i learn as an engineer.For projects like highvoltroutes and Solarpanel plannin
At this Point i only use my knowledge i got from my vocational training as an electrican.
Can you Tell me what Software is very nice to learn besides the Microsoft round table, Eplan and AutoCAD
Thank you very much.
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2022.01.16 15:52 ZoobBot 200869

This is the 200869th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.16 15:52 cannibalsunite I’m (25f) the epitome of lazy adult child with failure to thrive syndrome and it’s so embarrassing. My mom is the same and won’t let me work.

(I know I am an adult and don’t need to listen to my mom but I basically have no authority. It’s so complex. She is extremely stubborn and unpredictable and volatile when directly confronted and it doesn’t do anyone any good, never has, to disobey her about something like this).
Not that I can’t change but I’m just so embarrassed. I’m not blaming my mother but I am an only child and my parents are separated so it’s just us. She is a freeloader and hasn’t worked in years, and after my parents split and I had “mental breakdown” and came home from college we have just been drifting between four or five families (relatives and friends) who are graciously willing to house us. We always eventually get kicked out for staying too long and I know we are unwanted and burdens. I try to do whatever I can to be as helpful as possible, wash all the dishes, clean their house, cook (except I’m not good at it so no one wants me to I think), childcare, chores. But I feel so anxious and unwanted (and we reaally are). Everyone thinks my mom and me by extension are lazy and selfish b/c neither of us makes any money and my mom always overstays her welcome and ends up in fights with the men of the house typically. I would work, and I want to and I have in the past but I never know where I am going to be in a month and I have to be on call to help my mom. Also I don’t drive which is so humiliating I feel like a lazy spoiled failure but I am so nervous about it and I just know I will be horrible. My concentration and orientation skills are frightening. It’s extremely embarrassing and this spring I will find someone to teach me.
My past two jobs my mom made me quit because she said it was taking me away from helping her and was inconveniencing her and basically I need to be on call to help her move (the other part of this story is that 10 years ago my mom had a severe hoarding problem/thrift store shopping addiction and we have a whole commercial store front piled full of stuff, very dirty and hard to navigate, that we are paying rent for (well my dad is) be and we need to get out but it’s taking forever. She needs my help and I promised her I’d do it but it’s in another state and we have to drive there and sleep in the store which has no kitchen or shower (we share a bed there too). We had a terrible mouse problem too but we fixed it. The problem is that it’s taking forever. I believe my mom may have ocd but doesn’t want or think she needs help. She has to look through every box and won’t give most of it up because she spent a lot on it. She also won’t really sell it because it’s honestly so much stuff it’s overwhelming I think. And won’t let me throw away or list anything without her approval. We’ve gotten basically nothing done in years. I’m so stressed. I can’t get an actual job till we finish moving out b/c she needs my help and won’t let me. I also can’t drive (my fault). And everyone in our family and all our friends thinks we are the laziest people. we finally found an apartment. But her parents pay the rent. We are currently living on checks from my dad and my inheritance money. We haven’t moved out of the store in the other state yet. It’s been years! I’m worried about money. My mom is not functioning great or making good choices but neither am I . She spends most of her time with her boyfriend and spends so much money on dates and restaurants and she bought a bike and paddle board and expensive clothes. I’m so embarrassed I don’t work and I’m not in college. Everyone probably thinks I’m spoiled and lazy and a freeloading loser . I loved working but my mom won’t really let me get a job because she needs my help moving and with a million other things. But to make matters worse she signed up for a chemistry course b/c she wants to be a doctor. I’m Paying for it, ($2000) with my inheritance, because she asked me to and has no money of her own. It’s also to partially punishment she said to make up for wasting “her” (really my dad’s) money by failing some classes at college my junior year. I want to pay it all back and will. I’m just so stressed and embarrassed because I Know everyone thinks I’m lazy and I can be. I just feel trapped.
We’ve gone through four families a. I’m so ashamed of my
It’s so My mom does too but neither of us work. Since I am never sure where I will be in a month (I have to follow my mom)
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2022.01.16 15:52 furkanustunbas0 Bu nasıl bin lira amk 100 yazıyor

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2022.01.16 15:52 postXhumanity Guide to a Fashionable Gender Reveal in 2022: Pipe Bombs are out, Cars are In.

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2022.01.16 15:52 Tazzz777zzz Sanguinestti staff worth using?

I bought 1 but i feel like every where i go besidea maybe no prep cox? That it just wouldn't be worth using cause i never need more health its 600 gp more cast right? Whats yalls opinions on this atm im using swamp trident but sang is in bank
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